Friday, December 30, 2011

Making the Homes for our Animals

Today, many members of our community turned up to help us create our animal housing and our outdoor kitchen.  We will be raising 2 ducks who will help us keep the fish pond aerated and full of nutrients and 4-6 hens who will be responsible for providing us with eggs to sell and help us turn the compost pile periodically.  We will also have rabbits because they are cute and can make great classroom pets while teaching us great science and of course, we will raise Tilapia in our pond.  The tilapia pond will be for pond science but as we learn more about raising them, we hope to build a much, much larger pond to sell the fish for a healthy income for the school.  
Our Rabbit House

 Nailing down the tin roofs

Our Maasai friends came around to help us design our Maasai style outdoor kitchen

This is a Hen House.  Hope we will get lots of eggs.

 This is the foundation for our Maasai kitchen.  These upright logs will be part of the walls. Can't wait till its done!!!

So many helpers turned up!!. We hope they will be future costumers as well.

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