Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flooding Our Community

Latifah and Lilian
Latifah and Lilian's mother came by our Flood Garden (MDFT Preschool) several months ago where she was given green pepper seeds and a few pointers on how to grow them herself, in her own home.  Today, her family celebrates the harvest of their very first crop of shiny, delicious green pepper.  Soon, they will be able to supplement their income as well as their diets by selling these peppers.

This event and this picture truly highlight the spirit of New World Flood. These two gorgeous girls are learning to be the solution Africa is waiting for. They are now part of the Flood and will do their part by giving the pepper seeds away to others.

There are now 8 Arusha homes that have benefited from the seeds from our little farm and we will be bringing you all their stories.

We want to extend our profound Thank You
to everyone who is following our story
and to everyone who is lending their support.
Please consider becoming a part of 

One Single Drop is the Beginning of the Flood

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuition Drive

One of the lessons that we have learned is that our little farm is currently too immature to produce enough vegetables to begin providing financial support to our school.  It will probably take a year or two for us to see a real surplus.  Although, we are really amazed about the positive impact our Flood Garden has had on our school and the community, we understand that we need to do more work and make it even better.

We have decided to ask for your help to get us through the next year or so while our farm is maturing.  We are starting a tuition drive so that our children can continue to attend our school for free. Many of our little ones are orphans and/or live with grand parents, and without our preschool they would be poorly supervised or even on the streets while their caretakers work to make ends meet.  Life on the streets of Arusha is very dangerous for unsupervised preschoolers.

One Single Drop is the Beginning of the Flood

Here is how you can help:

Sponsor a preschooler attending MDFT.  Tuition is $240 ($20 a month)

  • This donation will cover school fees, 2 nutritious meals a day and school supplies for one child for a whole year
  • An additional $100 per year will provide doctor visits and medicines
    • You will receive,
      • the child's progress report,
      • pictures and videos,
      • our school newsletter
      • printable art made by the student(s)
      • season's greetings from your student(s)
 Drinking coffee at a coffee shop a couple of days a week adds up to about $20 per month.  It is an small amount to the average coffee drinker but it is an amount that will give a little preschooler a great head start!!

We have 100 students so if possible, feel free to sponsor more than just one

Become a friend of the Flood Garden Project

Gift a monthly payments of $25, $50, $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $1000, or $5000+
Friends of the Flood Garden Project contribute a monthly amount to develop and spread Flood Gardens and the Flood Garden learning model into other Arusha schools.

We currently need monthly support to:
  • Create and build culturally appropriate learning materials and tools for the preschool
  • Provide field trips for the students
  • Provide steady Professional Development for the Flood Garden teachers and staff
  • Promote the Flood Garden Project
  • Provide community outreach events to spread the Flood through out our Arusha community
  • Expand the Making a Difference Foundation Tanzania school from an amazing preschool to a wonder and effect primary and secondary program
  • Expand the Flood Garden Project from a school garden into a viable and profitable farm to achieve our goal of making the Making a Difference Foundation Tanzania school(s) totally self-sufficient

You can also help us shorten our WISH LIST.  Here are some items that we could really use:

  • Bookshelves -- we currently need about 8-10 small bookshelves to place learning materials at a level where the children can easily reach them.  Currently, our classrooms have NO shelves.
          • Each shelf costs about $30 (50,000Tsh)
          • Total cost of 10 shelves $300
Note: Purchase a shelf and we will display your name or the name of your business/organization in a prominent place on that shelf

and our 'donate' button is not yet online 

If you are interested in helping us, please contact: