Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flooding Our Community

Latifah and Lilian
Latifah and Lilian's mother came by our Flood Garden (MDFT Preschool) several months ago where she was given green pepper seeds and a few pointers on how to grow them herself, in her own home.  Today, her family celebrates the harvest of their very first crop of shiny, delicious green pepper.  Soon, they will be able to supplement their income as well as their diets by selling these peppers.

This event and this picture truly highlight the spirit of New World Flood. These two gorgeous girls are learning to be the solution Africa is waiting for. They are now part of the Flood and will do their part by giving the pepper seeds away to others.

There are now 8 Arusha homes that have benefited from the seeds from our little farm and we will be bringing you all their stories.

We want to extend our profound Thank You
to everyone who is following our story
and to everyone who is lending their support.
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One Single Drop is the Beginning of the Flood

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