Friday, February 24, 2012

A Very Special Day!!

Uncle TJ came to spend his birthday with us at MDFT today !! He is our favorite uncle, the founder of New World Flood and the inspiration behind the name of our garden "Flood Garden".  Uncle TJ is a former American Football star and the supporters of many social causes in the USA and so it it an honor and an inspiration every time he comes.
Uncle TJ brought us lots of sweets!!!

He is our biggest fan and a great supporter of MDFT
He came with lots a sweets and a simple message:  Everyone is a drop of rain and it only takes one drop of rain to begin a flood.
At MDFT, we will be raising children who understand Uncle TJ's philosophy about playing one's role in life. The children at MDFT have a big role to play in the future transformation of Tanzania.

First the children sang welcome songs led by teacher Jackie, teacher Agnes and teacher Nixon.  Then after our guests signed our guest book, they were treated to classroom demonstrations in the baby class (our Seeds), the middle class (our Sprouts) and older class (our New Stems).  They were great!! They more songs and had a blast playing with Uncle TJ's videos on his iPad.
the older children singing welcome songs!!

Then Uncle TJ and his team were taken to see our Flood Garden. We are very very proud of our garden.  David Gido, the head master and his wonderful team of teachers and helpers covered the garden so that we could have a GREAT REVEAL!!.  Everyone was shocked and touched at how beautiful our garden looks.  It is pretty enough to perform weddings in!!!

The Flood Garden wrapped up in bed sheets and ready for the big REVEAL!!!

The MDFT staff served a wonderful buffet of rice and traditional beef stew accompanied by vegetables from the garden and fruits.  The food was delicious!!

Inside our Maasai house  kitchen, the helpers served a wonderful meal
The cucumbers were grown in our Flood Garden and went well with the other fruits and veggies

What a great innauguration day Feb. 17th turned out to be!!

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