Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finding Support in the Community

One of our goals as a team is to make sure that we can have the support of the school parents, our neighbors and our community.  Because we are very low in funds, we are hoping to find resources in the form of knowledge, materials and care taking help from the good people of Arusha.

One of the first people we met with was Cecilia.  She is a wonderful and knowledgeable resource for us.  Cecilia has a degree in agriculture that she is using to turn her property into a nursery for exotic plants and ponds.  She is hoping to cater to the landscaping needs of the many hotels, businesses and resorts that being built around Arusha.

Cecilia harvesting eggs from her chickens
Cecilia raises chickens, rabbits and tilapia as well as exotic fish and plants. She has been a great help and we plan to send our teachers to her farm to learn about horticulture and farming techniques.

As soon as we began breaking the grounds at MDFT, people started to come around and as questions.  Soon some of the elders came around to give us their wisdom and show us how things were done traditionally. We soon found that some on lookers knew people, who knew people, who knew other people who could help us with the stuff we did not know.  Wow this is awesome!!
The local elders give us advice on how to set up our fish pond

David studying a sketched idea on the ground

A local expert helping us design a better fish pond

David considering the local experts ideas

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