Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting the Teachers on Board

Head Teacher Jackie (3 year teaching experience)

Like in any school, having the teacher's support is the most important step of any plan for change.  So, today we sat down with the MDFT teachers to introduce the ideas of using the Flood Garden as the center of the school curriculum.  We spent the day making lists of things we needed, and drawing maps of our new Flood Garden project.
Left to right (a friend of the teachers),  David Gido (in blue plad), Teacher Loveless (pink vest), Head Teacher Jackie (in Red), MDFT Parent helper (in back), Teacher Nixon (in black jacket), Vanessa (5 year old MDFT student) on the day we broke ground

Our new academic Flood Garden team is Head Master and Flood Garden Director David Gido, Head Teacher Jackie, brand new teachers Loveless and Nixon.  We will also be counting on parents, students and community members for their help.

The MDFT teachers, although young, are very enthusiastic about participating in the Flood Garden learning model.  They are excited that they do not have to teach in stuffy overcrowded classrooms and even happier that school does not have to be as boring as they remember it.   The team immediately began to design the grounds today. The idea of making a Maasai style house as our outdoor kitchen came from them.  They are interested in teaching history to the students by showing them traditional Maasai building techniques.

MDFT Teachers working breaking the ground of the Flood Garden
(left to right) Head Master David and  Teacher Nixon getting design suggestions from our clients and the real experts...The Students!!

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